Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Meeting

The members of Azalea Sampler Guild met last Saturday for our regular monthly gathering. There were six members present and while our group was small, the conversation was lively! Some time was spent reviewing the chart corrections for Ann Dale and discussing options. It was also discovered while reviewing the corrections that not all of the chart corrections were identified. So if you're stitching Ann Dale, check the placement of all of the motifs on the top row. Several were moved, not just the one mentioned in the correction summary.

Ellen is just beginning her Ann Dale. She had the corrections in hand when she started. I think many of us wish we did! :)
Jill was working on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow using the called for thread and fabric. Can you believe she started this on January 30th?
Kris was working on Brothers Keeper by Plum Street Samplers using DMC and a 40 count Vintage Examplar by LL. It's gorgeous!
Kerrie was working on Matters Choice also by Carriage House Samplings. She is using Gloriana in the Jacaranda color way and LL Autumn Gold fabric in 32 count. It's a beautiful color combo!
Loretta was working on Ann Dale using the called for fabric and fiber. Like all of us, she had set this down when the chart errors were announced.
Jackie was working on Ann Dale as well....restitching part that had been frogged. No photo as it looks pretty much the same as it did last month.

As always, the day was enjoyable and there was lots of laughter!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ann Dale SAL

The Azalea Sampler Guild met last Saturday for our monthly stitching gathering. At the December gathering, we had started talking about the Shakespeare's Peddler release of the BIG Ann Dale Sampler. Next thing we knew a SAL was organized, emails were flying and calls were being made to our favorite online needle shops for supplies. Our goal was to have this be a New Years Day start and I think every member accomplished that.

We thought we'd share photos of our progress with our members who couldn't attend and with our bloggy friends who visit us.

Teresa's Progress
She has two needles going!
Teresa's Progress

Loretta's Progress
Loretta was traveling so she sent us a photo to share.
Loretta's Progress

Kerrie is our SAL mistress!
She is the queen of BAP's & has a fabulous rotation schedule - who else could lead our SAL for us?
She is sending us a monthly newsletter with fabulous tips and a bit of sampler/motif history along with guiding us to the next section to stitch. Thank you Kerrie!
Kerrie's Progress

Melody's Progress
She has changed up several of the thread colors. Her linen is gorgeous!
Melody's Progress

Carol's Progress
Carol is thinking about changing a color or two herself.
It'll be interesting to see what she does.
Carol is one of our most distant members but attends our gatherings very regularly!
Carol's Progress

Kris's Progress
Kris's needle is flying. Any tips on that over 1 section Kris?
There's no doubt that Kris will meet her goal of finishing AD this year.
Kris's Progress

Jackie's Progress
This is her first SAL and she's glad it's pressure free!
Ann Dale Update - My own

A together shot...
It's safe to say that we're loving every stitch!
All Together
Thank you for visiting our little spot on the web! We're hoping to going back to posting a bit more regularly. We appreciate your visits and comments!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Since my post isn't appearing on my primary blog ( I'll give this one a try.  We had decided as a group not to end this blog with the end of 2011 anyway.  Finally finished a pair of socks using pretty Dream in Color yarn.
And I hope to finish this pair within the next day or two:
You can find the details on Ravelry (krayolakris) or the other blog...maybe it will work for you!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mystery Sampler

Forgot to post this 2011 finish when I picked it up from The Frame Shop!  This is Brenda Gervais's (With Thy Needle and Thread) Mystery Sampler.  The colors are muddied because I shot this with the iPad in afternoon light.  The original can be found on Brenda's blog or website.

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