Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Answer to a Question

A while back the lovely Ria had a question. Now Ria and I know each other because we both like three things. We like to knit/crochet and we like NASCAR and as we are both on Ravelry and we have become friends through a forum there for fellow NASCAR fans. Oh, the third thing we both like? Well that would be our favorite driver.
Tony Stewart...yum
So, I promised Ria I would answer her question and I've finally gotten everything together so I can give you pictures with the descriptions. I figure Ria isn't the only person who might find this blog who has the same question so I thought it deserves a really good response.

Ria asked, "I thought you put the fabric in a hoop while you stitch. Do you re-hoop it every time you work on it? Does it stretch the fabric if you leave it on a hoop?" 

The answer to the first part is, "It depends." 

You see some people like to work "in hand". That means that you don't use a hoop, or other stretching devise (and we'll come back to this later), you hold it in your hand and as you work on it you may need to roll or bunch it up to stitch depending on how large the piece is. This technique is very handy because you can carry your piece with you without it taking up a ton of room. I like to work in hand, and do most of my stitching that way. However there are times when that isn't the best choice.

The next option is a traditional hoop.
They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From round to oval, made from wood or plastic, they all do the same thing, they keep the fabric taunt so it's easier to have uniform stitches. Hoops have been around for hundreds of years. The best are hand made from high grade wood and are finished to a silky smoothness. Then there are cheap ones that often have rough edges. I tend to shy away from those because they can pick the fibers of my linen. However, I own a few hoops and have been known to use them from time to time.

Next comes Q-snap frames. Made from PVC these frames come in a variety of sizes from 6"x6" to 17"x17". I remember the first time I saw Q-snaps. I loved them. They are light weight yet sturdy, don't snag your linen and can be rearranged to make all different sizes since they are modular pieces that snap together. I personally own some of every size. They do keep your fabric fairly taunt. Most people use a cotton fabric between the c-shaped clamps and the fabric they are working on to protect their stitches, especially if they are having to use a smaller sized q-snap than their design. Some just like how adding the extra fabric helps keep the fabric stretched.
See how our own Jackie has her q-snap fixed with some cotton Warm and Natural (if I'm not mistaken) between the fabric and the c-clamps? As with a hoop it is best that you remove your fabric from the q-snap when you're not working on the piece. Depending on if I plan on picking the piece back up the next day, or in a few hours, I sometimes just "loosen" the fabric by turning the clamps inwards, which takes the stretch off the fabric. However, I wouldn't store a piece on a q-snap for any length of time. (Oh and I ALWAYS remove a piece from a hoop.) The advantage of the q-snap is they don't leave huge creases that hoops do.

Then there are frames. I actually have a couple of different types. The most common are scroll frames.
This is my Drawn Thread Alphabets on the scroll frame. I started out working in hand but realized that this piece is so long that the fabric was getting in my way. I have a number of different scroll frames, different size scrolls and scrolls that are different. This particular set of scrolls you have to sew the linen onto a strip of fabric that is on the scroll then you put them into the size bar you want to work with, and as you work you "scroll" the fabric from the bottom to the top. It doesn't take long to sew the fabric onto the frame with a sewing machine, and you can get a fairly taunt working space. This piece is really long, over 30", so this will work out well.

I have some scrolls that you don't have to sew the fabric on. Some have a groove in the scroll (dowel part) that a "thing" fits in that holds the fabric. I don't have a picture of this set, nor do I remember who the maker is. The "thing" that fits in the groove and holds the fabric are two very thin dowels that are held together. I haven't used this type in awhile, but may pull it out for one of my other pieces. The other type I have has just a plain dowel that you then use a Velco strip attached to the dowel and your fabric to hold the fabric on the dowel. I've never actually used these. I have the dowels and the Velco made for them. You do have to leave yourself an extra margin at the top and bottom because when you remove the Velcro from your fabric you probably have to cut it off.

Finally I have one other type of frame. Stitch Away mounts are handmade and come from Canada. I love it for smaller pieces. I own the smallest size and have had it for years. Learning to mount your fabric in the frame is different and takes some getting used to, but the results are great. Plus it's a piece that will be around for years.

Using a frame is nice, but you almost have to have a stand to put them in to be able to stitch without getting tired. I've owned a K's Creation Baby-z lap stand for a number of years and I like it because my Stitch Away mount, q-snaps and my scroll frames will all fit in the clamp.
I like that it will collapse down and I can pack it in my suitcase when I'm traveling on vacation. Mine still looks great after years of being used.

I hope I've managed to answer the questions Ria had without muddying the water even more. Everyone has their favorite way of holding the fabric to put stitches on, no way is more correct than the other. The good news is there is a way that works for each person and for some of us it just depends on the project. Now, when can I teach you to stitch Ria???

Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Goal Accomplished

I know, it's only January, but we find our happiness where we can. I'm sure that it won't be long before I fall off the goal bandwagon for this sampler, but for at least one month I did well.

My January goal for Drawn Thread's Alphabets was to complete the entire top alphabet.

I'm not sure I like the cream colored 100/3 silk that the "T" is done in. I don't think it shows up that well, but then again it's not done as crosses, but as a double 4-sided stitch. I'm going to leave it and then if I really don't like it later I'll go back and rethink the color/thread. 
One of the things I've noticed is that my fabric, and I actually purchased the called for fabric, looks completely different than the picture of the completed one on the DT website. I'm chalking it up to the photography. The picture I made above is really pretty close to how my fabric looks. 

 Next month I'll do the vine and blue alphabet on the left side below what I've completed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One band down!

I did everything I needed to do this month on Random Thoughts to put me on a good pace for finishing this year:
That's the entire top row, with two of the borders done. The instructions say to wait to stitch the borders until you withdraw the threads for the hemstitching, but the way I figure it, I only need to wait on the borders around the four corners where the threads will be withdrawn. I redesigned the white house to look like the townhouse where we live...mainly because I thought I had counted wrong while stitching it and was looking for a way to reduce the amount of frogging! But now I'm happy that I did it. =)

Only one wrinkle...I noticed the large pine tree is one stitch too far to the right. *sigh* I've already cut it out so I can just start restitching next month.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Count them! Two Finishes!

So technically one is completely finished while the other is just stitched but in my book that's finished!

First it's the class piece from the trip Jackie & I took to AZ. From Stacy Nash it's a pinkeep drum.
Peacock Pinkeep Drum
Stacy Nash Primatives
I have to say that I'm excited that I started this piece and completely finished it during January. What a way to start the year! We had so much fun putting this one together. It's stuffed with sawdust and then "antiqued" with walnut crystals. Plus I made my strawberry pretty mangy looking all for the sake of authenticity. See...
The companion piece is being worked on with the hope of completing the finishing late February. We'll see if that works out!

Then there's this unexpected finish. I didn't have it on my initial working list of 15 items for January but I was looking for something else and saw that there wasn't that much left to do on it. So the before looked like this...
Really, not that much left. And let's face it, any project that is that close to being finished that was started in 1996 should probably be worked on and finished. So, I pulled it out and worked on it Saturday when I went to Sampler Guild and then that evening and finally last night I finished!
Simple Elegence
Stoney Creek Designs
That's it all finished, with beads and everything. The funny blue spot is the light showing through the crystal bead. Tried to take the picture several times and still kept coming up. This is a piece from WAY back when I went to Spirit of Cross Stitch. This was the Sunday Sampler in 1996. It was taught as a "round robin" where you sat at a table and different teachers came to you to teach the specialty stitches. I was looking at my book and that year both Ginny and Ken Thompson taught a stitch. How lucky I was to meet and be taught by such great stitchers!

I'm not taking this to be framed, it's not that large so I thought I'd do a cube/standup/thing. Oh heck, Geeky Heather usually helps me make them, but I'm fairly certain I can manage on my own if I can just find the perfect fabric for the backing and what I want to decorate the top with. I need the board you use to "build" your box which I keep meaning to go and get scraps from my framer for but haven't yet and I should be in business. I'd like to get it finished since it has a spring feel to it and would look lovely out somewhere in the house.

I've made some progress on other pieces as well. I seem to be really in a stitching mood so that's getting a lot of attention. Hope everyone has had a great first month of stitching/knitting/or whatever makes you happy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

some progress

Here is a picture of the progress I've made on Shores this month. This is block 6, the left side of the large center block. I'm really enjoying working on this, but it is so huge! The plan for today is to fill in the water at the bottom, then switch over to block 7. With 2 football games on today, I'm sure I can manage it!

Progress to Date

Since the beginning of the year, I've finished a couple of my projects on my 2011 goal list. Except for the Pinkeep Drum, these projects were started in 2010 and were pretty far along and therefore were not the most challenging goals to meet. I'm glad that I have one quilting, one stitching, and one knitting finish for the year!

Jo Morton Log Cabin Table Topper
Peacock Pinkeep Drum by Stacy Nash
Scarf for Chris
Chris's Scarf

Update to my list of goals:
1. Grid and Grommet Bag - currently about half done Goal: finish it or ditch it
2. $5 Quilt - currently 50% complete. Lots of applique left. Goal: progress
3. Stitchers Garden Quilt - currently 75% complete Goal: finish the top
4. Quakers and Quilts - currently 80% complete Goal: progress
5. Jenny Bean Halloween - currently 50% complete Goal: progress
6. Knit to Fit Sweater - currently 70% complete Goal: progress
7. Per Terras (a/k/a the Albatross) - currently 80% complete Goal: finish it
8. Scarf for Chris
9. Jo Morton's Prairie Basket - currently 50% complete Goal: finish
10. Jo Morton's Log Cabin Table Topper
11. Stacy Nash Peacock Pinkeep Drum and Linen School Girl Sewing Book - neither currently started as I'm waiting on my pre-stitching kit. Since I'm taking a class on this my hope is to finish these both in class with Stacy this month. Not sure that is realistic (it wasn't!).
12. Scarf for Mom - not started but have yarn and pattern Goal: Progress
13. Try to do the finishing on an ornament. Goal: Learn a new skill.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Re-Finish

I finally finished a scarf that I was reworking. The design is Lacy (or Lacey) Baktus. The first time I "finished" it was in December, but was just a few yards short of the amount of yarn I needed.  Bought a 2nd skein (yay Ravelry) then decided to rip back and make it a bigger scarf.  Finished the last few rows in time to wear it to work today! The yarn is Jitterbug by Colinette in the colorway Toscana. Hard to tell but the base color is a sort of sage green, with splashes of burgundy, royal blue, gold, purple and lime green. This was a fun knit and the 2nd time I've used this free pattern.
Cross-stitching? I finished the front of a Blackbird Designs Token but won't post it until it's fully finished (i.e., assembled). That might be awhile!

Another Start and Progress

I made another start this weekend: Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts.

It's not a very good picture; it's been very dark the last few mornings (from rain clouds) and I had to use a flash. You would think that with being snowed in the whole week, and having a 3-day weekend, I would have gotten a lot more done. However, despite the snow, I still had to work (from home) the whole week, and the fabric didn't show up until Saturday afternoon. We also spent some time with friends, so that's not a bad thing. =)

I did make a little progress on Mystery II, as well, although it has a serious case of the frogs.

I even frogged a bit of the center (haven't restitched it yet), since I finally came to grips with the fact that I do not like the "new" Waterlilies Antique Brass and I never will! (Too orange--or "on-ange" as a friend's daughter used to say.)

The rest of the week I'm going to try and finish the top row of Random Thoughts and maybe a couple border pieces. You're supposed to wait until the end to stitch the border, but I think the withdrawing of the threads for the hemstitching will only affect the corner borders.

How's everyone else doing?

Friday, January 14, 2011


Just a quick post as I am off to rug camp this afternoon for 4 blissful days of hooking, laughing, eating and having a great time with friends.

this is my Debbie Bliss Cowl which was on my 11 in 2011 Challenge list.  It is worked in a limited edition Dream in Color chunky weight wool called Groovy and I am lovin' this project.  While I don't care for knitting with big needles (10.5) - I love the fabric being created.  there are tiny cables every 9 rows - you can barely see them.  I would say this is almost 1/2 done.  Hopefully in time to use this winter.

Plymouth Sampler by the Sampler Company was not on my challenge list but it has been getting some attention lately.  Two of my new starts are mostly brown and I needed something colorful to work on.  this fits the bill nicely - it is easy to stitch and has loads of lovely colors - Jean at the Attic did a conversion for me when I visited her shop several years ago - it is a mix of belle soie and NPI colors.

This blog has been lots of fun - seeing projects we would not normally see (waving hi to Heather in Atlanta) -

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Start 2 and Progress

These aren't the best pictures, because it's looked like dusk around here pretty much all day! Last weekend I made my second start, Emie Bishop's Eight-Pointed Star, from the Just Cross Stitch 1997 Ornament Issue. I kitted this eons ago; that light blue thread is a cool Vicki Clayton thread that she doesn't even make anymore. It is overdyed with a metallic fabric paint! Kind of uneven in texture ("stiff" in places) but it creates a really neat effect.
That's 1/4 of the klosters and cross stitches done! Not bad for a start.

I also managed a little over-one stitching during the daylight hours on Saturday, in the midst of taking down Christmas decorations. Here is my Squirrel Fob:

Awwwwww. He's so cute, I can't wait until he's done!

In preparation for a snow day Monday, I decided to haul out Mystery 2 (Convents Herbal Garden). However, no snow day for me yesterday, or today...even though the building is now officially closed, we're all "strongly encouraged" to work from home. =( I did put in a few stitches last night while being mesmerized by the bright yellow socks of the Ducks.
This picture is very BLUE. I "need" to finish that upper-left garden this month to stay on track, I think.

How's everyone else doing?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Start and Progress

Since January started off with a weekend (good start!), I started my first piece, Sapphire Star. It's meant to look like a stained glass window, and the "lead lines" are so nice and mindless that I kept working on it for a few days afterwards. Here's where it stands right now:

I have also managed some progress on Keep a Little Secret during stitch group...Sapphire Star is too big to easily transport (a very little progress, but I thought it'd be good to have a reference picture):

Finally, I thought I'd show a progress picture of Dasher. I worked on him before the New Year, but I haven't touched him this month. I might get back to him at the end of the month; I'd like to hit all the Challenge projects in January. I changed a lot of the colors--the deer itself from golds to browns, and all the greens, including the Waterlilies. I had stitched all the Waterlilies on the deer's wreath and then finally decided I wasn't going to be happy with them and frogged them.

Second start coming soon!

Heather (geeky Heather)

Hello! Thanks, Teresa, for inviting me to participate over here! I've never done a group blog before; so this is exciting. My personal blog is at It's Geek to Me. Mostly stitching/knitting...but also "the rest of my life" as well. =)

Brief introduction: I was born the same year as The Magic Kingdom, I live in downtown Atlanta with my husband and develop software for a living. I love to sing, travel and play games on my Xbox 360. I'd love to act as well, but there are no good community theaters there's only so much time in the day! I met Teresa wayyy back at a Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival. She and DF Jill took pity on my car-less state and let me tag along to eat "cow" at a buffet/steakhouse. The rest is history!

For my 2011 Challenge, I'm going to try to finish 11 projects this year. Six are current WIPs/UFOs; five I am starting in each weekend. I'll keep this post short and post pictures later. Here are the five projects I'll be starting:
  • Sapphire Star by Laura J. Perin
  • Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread
  • The Darling of the World by Lauren Sauer (ornament)
  • Eight-Pointed Star by Emie Bishop (ornament)
  • Lapland Santa by Mill Hill (ornament)
And those I want to finish:
  • Dasher by Mirabilia
  • Shakespeare's Garden by La Broderie
  • Squirrel Fob by Heart's Content
  • Keep a Secret by Just Nan
  • Mystery II (now Convent's Herbal Garden) by Chatelaine
  • Bumblebee Stumpwork by Liz Turner Diehl

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Vacation Stitching

Thought I'd share what I worked on while I was visiting with my stitching and knitting friends up in Atlanta. I had hoped to get more done, but as usual we spent some time just hanging out and doing some things other than stitching, like eating and beading and chatting.

But you don't really want to hear all that, you're here to see some eye candy. I really didn't work on anything that was a WIP, it was all about new starts. Like this one...
 Which I realize is hard to see. The colors are very, VERY light, but hopefully you'll get a better idea as I go along. I decided last year that I wanted to do Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart and do it all on one large piece of linen to be framed together. I found the perfect fabric when our Sampler Guild went down to Mt. Dora for an ornament finishing class late last year so I bought it and the first leaflet. If you can tell I've got a good start going on the first block, which is January. I'd love to say I'll work one block a month, but I know that's not going to happen. I'll work on it as I can and maybe in a couple of years I'll have a wonderful sampler that celebrates my family and friends.

The next start I made was one I've been looking forward to quite a bit. I was captivated by this sampler when The Attic had it as one of their samplers of the month and ordered it thinking I'd get around to starting it at some point. Here's what I've managed so far...
By Miladys Needle, Margaret Brown using the silk conversion that Jean at The Attic came up with. Not much of a start, but at least it's something. This isn't a very large piece, so there is hope I'll finish this one during 2011.

Finally I started another large project with a couple of friends. My DF Jean, who's birthday I went to help celebrate, "talked" me into this lovely piece, Alphabets by The Drawn Thread. Jean thought it would be fun to start something on her birthday, so we did. We got all our materials together and had a lovely time getting started, after a bit of a false start when I miscalculated where we should start. But all is well and I am very happy with how this is looking.
I managed to finish the first row of the top alphabet before leaving Atlanta. It's done in NPI silks and a couple of silk twist fibers on Lambswool linen. While the three of us are working on this, our DFs Andy, Jill & Heather will be working on a Drawn Thread piece that they had in their stash. I'm not sure who's doing what other than I'm fairly certain Heather is going to be working on Random Thoughts. (I'll let her tell when she gets set up as a contributor on this blog since I know it's going to be one of the 11 in her rotation.) I did sit down today and figure out what I'd have to finish each month to finish in a year. We'll see what happens.

I also did a bit on the sampler I'm working on for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary but I couldn't get a picture today since they are around. I'll try to sneak some pictures in soon. I loved my visit in Atlanta and am upset that instead of being able to spend Sunday there with everyone I had to fly home early to escape "Snowopolypse 2011", but it all worked out well. I was able to take my mom for her birthday dinner yesterday when I got home which she enjoyed a lot.

what's in my stitching bag

Being the most technically-challenged member of this little group, I've had to do some research on how to post pictures to this here blog. (I didn't even know how to post to a blog before last week.) So, I will attempt now to show a few of the things I'm working on.

D7 Vario Biscornu by Guilia Punti Antichi
28 ct. ricamo linen, GAST & SNC

I work on this in the car, because I don't need magnification, but it's been going on long enough. I believe I'll be able to finish this myself, which is exciting.

OK, not having any luck separating these pics.
On the left is my start on Margery Dean (40 ct. vintage Basketweave by Lakeside Linen with Jean Lea's (Attic) silk conversion.) On the right is Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, (40 ct. Meadow Rue by LL with NPI silks.) This was my 2010 NYD start.
I will be posting other pictures soon, as I am able to figure out this blogging business.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Molly Scarf - Finished!

Hadn't posted my 2011 list previously, but this little scarf named Molly was on it:

I started the scarf in December and finished it a few days ago.

This is the list of UFOs I'd like to finish in 2011:

Counted Cross Stitch:
1. Winter Sheep by Little House Needlework (started 1/2/11)
2. The 12 Days of Christmas ornaments by Cross-Eyed Cricket
3. Happy Hearts sampler by Birds of a Feather
4. Baby Garden by Just Nan
5. Tend Thy Sheep  by Merry Cox (class project)

6. Olga by Plum Street Samplers

7. The Villages of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings

8. Southwest Sky Molly (check!)
9. Rendevouz sweater by Glenna C from Queensland Kathmandu DK (silk/cashmere blend in purple)
10. Lacey Baktus scarf from Colinette Jitterbug in Toscana
11. Socks...lots more socks!!

What's on YOUR list?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Progress so far

I feel like I'm off to a fairly decent start. I needed to get the pre-stitching done for a class Jackie (also part of this group) and I are taken at The Attic later this month. Thankfully I'm between contracts right now and not having to work, work (there's still plenty to do at home!), so I've had some extra time to stitch. I finished this one Monday night.
Attic Needleworks Peacock Pinkeep Drum
It's by Stacy Nash Primitive Designs and is stitched on 32 ct. linen with DMC threads, just 3 colors. The class is all about finishing, we'll be putting it together into a pinkeep drum and then aging it with walnut crystals. There is also a velvet strawberry that perches on top. The idea is we'll come back with a completely finished small to put out and enjoy.

Last night I pulled out a WIP to work on from the next item on my list. I've had this since I took the original class and even participated in a SAL with a couple of other friends, however I didn't get mine finished, but it's SO close I couldn't resist putting it on the list so I'll have something to celebrate soon. Winter Garden Gate is one of a series of 5 from one of my favorite designers, Rae Iverson of Moss Creek Designs. I've actually got 2 of the 5 finished, and would love to have them all done. There are 4 seasonal ones and one called Millennium Garden Gate that I did manage to finish during the turn of the century. However, this is one of my favorites because it has almost all my favorite colors. The picture of how it looked before I worked on it is a little yellow, I took it at night so no natural light, but it gives you the idea where I'm starting from....
And after about 2 hours of stitching it now looks like this....
I think the next thing to work on is the right hand Assisi work, then the final line of the verse, my initials and the date I finish. Then this one can head to the framers so it can join the other 2 on my wall.

I'm off to Atlanta this evening to visit with friends and hopefully spend a lot of time stitching. I'm taking a few new projects to start on and at least 1 WIP. I know I've got my parent's surprise 50th wedding anniversary sampler packed, but not sure what else. I hope to be able to post from there, I'm sure my DF Jean will let me borrow a computer to upload some pictures so I can share what I'm working on. Like Melody I'm looking forward to seeing what the group is working on and pictures being shared.

Melody's 11 in 2011 List

Guess I need to post my list on this blog even though I already published my list on my Wooley Thoughts blog.

I am already lamenting over not adding more projects to my list - that is what reading everyones list will do for you.  My list is already obselete and it is only the 5th day of January - AHHHH - such is life regarding my needlework journey.  Dealing with the OOOOOOO shiny syndrome is tough !

Here is my list :
Spanish Mystery Sampler by Shakespeare’s Peddler - NYE/NYD new start – 2011 SAL with the Attic

Elizabeth J Mears by Queenstown Samplers - 2011 SAL on the With my Needle & Pen newsletter group

Garden Glade by CHS  WIP started in 2010 - hibernating for a few months now soon to return to rotation.

Where the Hart Lives by Scarlet Letter WIP started in 2009


Medieval Melody by Katie Puckett KISS Rug Studio – a huge oriental/floral rug designed for me which I will start at rug camp in January

 Blue Basket Antique by Edyth O'Neill – my oldest rug WIP – a 3’ x 5’ started in 2001 –

Merrie Halloween by Spruce Ridge Studios - A Not Forgotten Farm adaptation  – started in October 2009 –  She is sooooo close to being finished - She will be hanging Halloween 2011.


ANG ( Am Needlepoint Guild)  – SOTM (stitch of the Month) – new SAL by Ro Pace  for 2011 on 24 ct congress cloth. It is a mystery which grows as the year progresses. 

Autumn House by Melissa Shirley - WIP that I had a ball stitching and using stashed fibers in the fall of 2010 -


Sweet Little Nothing - a beret by French designer Marie Adeline Boyer - this is a new start to go with a beautiful new wool/cashmere coat my mom gave me for Christmas.  It will also be a KAL for the 1st Quarter of 2011 with online shop The Loopy Ewe and I think I have settled on the yarn and will get it ordered next week.

Debbie Bliss Cowl - WIP using  exquisite hand dyed yarn by Dream in Color - this was a special colorway offered only to select yarn shops. 

Here is a photo of my NYE/NYD start on the Spanish Mystery sampler.  It is stitched on 36ct Lakeside new color vintage Pecan Butter with Jean Lea's (Attic) silk conversion.  The sampler is designed by Theresa of the Shakespeares Peddler.

Can't wait to see this blog come to life with more posts, photos and comments from our friends in blog land.
Thanks for stopping by ! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

My list so far. . .

On New Year's day I started the 1859 Anna Thies Sampler and also had a finish that
day -- a knitted Ishbel scarf for my SIL. So I am on my way for 2011!

New Projects:
1. 1859 Anna Thies Sampler--SANQ
2. Purl Ridge Scarf (knitting project)

1. Hannah Gilpin 1800--Needleprint
2. Ann Rogers 1820--The Essamplaire
3. Ida Mae Crow--The Goode Huswife (She is my over one project)

1. Ackworth Swan Treasure--GOS

I also have a few other WIP's that I will work into the list as I go along. Happy

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Loretta's List

Hi, I'm Loretta. I don't have a blog of my own, but I stitch with these ladies, and thank Teresa for setting up this blog. I am going to list 11 projects that I want to finish this year, in no particular order. All have been started, and I think it's a very ambitious list, but here goes:
Two Cabins - From Nancy's Needle (counted)
Aleisha - Coleman Cottage Designs (painted)
Cross and Specialty Stitches on linen
Abigail Colby Workbasket & Smalls - Primitive Traditions
Sheep in the Meadow basket and fob - Barbara Jackson - 2007 teaching piece
Butterfly Lace - Victoria Sampler cyberclass
Immigrant Sampler - La Chatelaine Designs - 2002 (!) teaching piece
Royalty ABC bellpull - Jeannette Douglas - 2010 teaching piece
Chillary ornament - Just Nan
D7 Vario Biscornu and scissors holder - Giulia Punti Antichi
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - Carriage House Samplings
Margery Dean 1748 - Scarlet Letter (my 1/1/11 start, but which I started in December)
I hope also to start some small seasonal projects - it occurs to me that I haven't stitched any spring/Easter in several years.
We'll see how it goes!
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