Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can I get a big ol' "WOO-HOO!"?

Margery Dean - 1748
40 ct. Vintage Basketweave
NPI and Gloriana

I finished her today! This was a lot harder to me than it looked going in. All of the over-one areas were graphed incorrectly, as was part of the border in the lower right. I frogged the words in both cartouches and the left-hand tree. I'm still not completely happy with the word placement, but they're staying put. On to Shores of HRH!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summery Finishes

Wondering if I'll ever catch up with myself...but have managed to get a few things finished (nothing like a deadline for motivation).  Little kimono sweater & wee matching socks for a coworker's baby shower:

They look so large in this snap but they are tee-nine-sy.

Finally got Olga kitty to the frame shop

And completed this Just Nan birth sampler in the same year of my great-nephew's birth...awesome!
This doesn't show the 9 million color changes...every few stitches argghh and little bees and lady bugs over 1, and the cutest little bunny button...all worth it.

How was your summer?

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