Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summery Finishes

Wondering if I'll ever catch up with myself...but have managed to get a few things finished (nothing like a deadline for motivation).  Little kimono sweater & wee matching socks for a coworker's baby shower:

They look so large in this snap but they are tee-nine-sy.

Finally got Olga kitty to the frame shop

And completed this Just Nan birth sampler in the same year of my great-nephew's birth...awesome!
This doesn't show the 9 million color changes...every few stitches argghh and little bees and lady bugs over 1, and the cutest little bunny button...all worth it.

How was your summer?


Loretta said...

Love all your finishes. You've been so productive! I know you're glad to have that birth sampler off your plate.
My summer has been full of trying to finish Margery Dean. Every bit of the over-one stitching has been graphed incorrectly on the chart. Arrrrgh!

Chrisknits said...

So sweet, all of them! I need to get some things framed. Just need to be motivated!

Debbie said...

your work is beautiful and oh so special. thanks for stoping by and the sweet comments!!

i was not sure which blog was your main blog...perhaps you keep up with both!! xo

woolwoman said...

Kris LOVE the baby set - I'm glad I got to see the framed pieces and the birth sampler before it went off to the new baby. They are going to be so happy to receive such a gift of love. you've gotten a lot done - YGG - Mel

TeresaB said...

Love all your finishes! What great pressies for some very special little ones. And Olga kitty is too cute!

Carla said...

those little socks are precious. Happy knitting.

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