Friday, December 31, 2010

It Begins

A new year always brings new resolutions, especially for those of us who love fibers. Now some of you may be familiar with the idea started here that many stitchers are participating in where each of the first 15 days in January you start a new project and the goal is to finish them all in 2011. Nice idea, but many of us have just a few WIPs hanging out in our stash that we'd like to finish...someday. So I got to thinking. Maybe 2011 is the year to work on finishing those WIPs and maybe even a few new pieces from my vast stash. Then I thought, "I bet some of my friends would love to do the same." So when an email went out to my stitch group here in Jacksonville that included the question of who was going to do the "15 in 2011" challenge I chimed in with my take on that idea. And guess what, a few people thought it was a good idea and wanted to join in the fun. Since some of us have blogs while others don't I offered to set this up to track our progress. Not just what we finish, but how we're doing in our quest to finish.

So that's what this blog is all about and that's what you'll see during the coming year. I'm going to let everyone, including myself, introduce ourselves and tell you what our personal goal is this year.

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