Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Rest of the Challenge Pieces

Whoah, I let things get away from me a little bit...I had a trip out of town and I've been sick. I did manage to accomplish my goal of "touching" all 11 pieces during January.

First up was Shakespeare's Garden by Linda Reeves:
The fabric I'm working on was a Silkweaver Limited Edition, and boy, do I wish I could get more of it. It's so soft, and the color is so perfectly beigey-taupey with little swirls. By the way, does anyone have a spare skein of DMC flower thread in 2358? Whatever my plan was to substitute, it's clearly gone with the wind....

Next I started Darling of the World. I won't show you my progress, because it's just some pretty colored blobs at this point, but here's what the finished piece will look like, along with the MASSIVE pile of fibers needed:
And this would be why I haven't started this before now...I've been slowly collecting the fibers. But the colors are gorgeous.

My last Crazy Challenge start took place right before I left for Raleigh, NC, for training...Alpine Santa. I probably spent more time sorting the colors in the kit than stitching, though! You know, it was one of those "fabulous" kits where all the colors are in one hank and you have to try to distinguish twelve shades of brown with names like Lightest Brown, Very Light Honey Brown and Somewhat Light Golden Brown.
Also blobs, but vaguely reindeer-shaped. I do feel validated that the colors are the same as those I picked for Dasher when I thought his original colors were too yellow.

Right before I left, I also put in a little time on Bumblebee Stumpwork.
Those are turkey knots, which leave loops on the surface of the fabric. Once they're all stitched, you cut them and then trim the fringe to make a nice, fuzzy bee.

I'm working a bit on Mystery II...I want to get to a good stopping point before taking a progress pic!


Loretta said...

Oh Heather,
Your Shakespeare's Garden is beautiful! I have it kitted up somewhere - definitely going to have to pull it out. I'm going to look for that Flower thread for you. Will let you know.

woolwoman said...

Lovely work Heather - you have some neat and varied projects in your 11 challenge. Hope you have a pleasant and productive stitching weekend - Mel

Jackie said...

My eye keeps going to back to the bee!

krayolakris said...

Heather - I have the Flower you still need it?

Cathy C said...

Your fabric looks so much like English Rose that that might work as a substitute for you. It wouldn't have the swirls, but maybe you could work a 'dye' in that would give you that effect...just a suggestion. I've dyed fabric with tea and coffee before, and you might find a tea that would work.. to give the swirls you wanted. I didn't even know DMC made a flower thread, Have never used it but have flower thread I gathered for a large afghan that was intended for a design by Maureen Appleton. It was in a series of magazines years ago. Still have the thread, but not sure any of it would match what you want. Hope you find the color you're missing. How many projects are left in your challenge? I need to do that maybe next year! Not sure what the rules are but I need something to get me moving on my projects and the multitude of UFOs I have .

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