Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Start and Progress

Since January started off with a weekend (good start!), I started my first piece, Sapphire Star. It's meant to look like a stained glass window, and the "lead lines" are so nice and mindless that I kept working on it for a few days afterwards. Here's where it stands right now:

I have also managed some progress on Keep a Little Secret during stitch group...Sapphire Star is too big to easily transport (a very little progress, but I thought it'd be good to have a reference picture):

Finally, I thought I'd show a progress picture of Dasher. I worked on him before the New Year, but I haven't touched him this month. I might get back to him at the end of the month; I'd like to hit all the Challenge projects in January. I changed a lot of the colors--the deer itself from golds to browns, and all the greens, including the Waterlilies. I had stitched all the Waterlilies on the deer's wreath and then finally decided I wasn't going to be happy with them and frogged them.

Second start coming soon!


krayolakris said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

woolwoman said...

Welcome to the blog Heather! You have some lovely things you are working on as always. It will be fun sharing what everyone is doing and the progress made. Cheers! Mel

Loretta said...

Hello Heather,
That little Just Nan peacock is so cute! I'll look forward to seeing your progress on Shakespeare's Garden - I've had that kitted up for a very long time, but have never started it. Thanks for sharing. Loretta

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