Monday, January 3, 2011

My list so far. . .

On New Year's day I started the 1859 Anna Thies Sampler and also had a finish that
day -- a knitted Ishbel scarf for my SIL. So I am on my way for 2011!

New Projects:
1. 1859 Anna Thies Sampler--SANQ
2. Purl Ridge Scarf (knitting project)

1. Hannah Gilpin 1800--Needleprint
2. Ann Rogers 1820--The Essamplaire
3. Ida Mae Crow--The Goode Huswife (She is my over one project)

1. Ackworth Swan Treasure--GOS

I also have a few other WIP's that I will work into the list as I go along. Happy

1 comment:

woolwoman said...

Yeah Henri - you made your first ever blog post - I'm proud of you - hope you will post some photos of your beautiful work - Mel

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