Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heather (geeky Heather)

Hello! Thanks, Teresa, for inviting me to participate over here! I've never done a group blog before; so this is exciting. My personal blog is at It's Geek to Me. Mostly stitching/knitting...but also "the rest of my life" as well. =)

Brief introduction: I was born the same year as The Magic Kingdom, I live in downtown Atlanta with my husband and develop software for a living. I love to sing, travel and play games on my Xbox 360. I'd love to act as well, but there are no good community theaters close...plus there's only so much time in the day! I met Teresa wayyy back at a Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival. She and DF Jill took pity on my car-less state and let me tag along to eat "cow" at a buffet/steakhouse. The rest is history!

For my 2011 Challenge, I'm going to try to finish 11 projects this year. Six are current WIPs/UFOs; five I am starting in January...one each weekend. I'll keep this post short and post pictures later. Here are the five projects I'll be starting:
  • Sapphire Star by Laura J. Perin
  • Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread
  • The Darling of the World by Lauren Sauer (ornament)
  • Eight-Pointed Star by Emie Bishop (ornament)
  • Lapland Santa by Mill Hill (ornament)
And those I want to finish:
  • Dasher by Mirabilia
  • Shakespeare's Garden by La Broderie
  • Squirrel Fob by Heart's Content
  • Keep a Secret by Just Nan
  • Mystery II (now Convent's Herbal Garden) by Chatelaine
  • Bumblebee Stumpwork by Liz Turner Diehl

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krayolakris said...

Ah, I love La Broderie! Really interesting & diverse list Heather!

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