Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Start and Progress

I made another start this weekend: Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts.

It's not a very good picture; it's been very dark the last few mornings (from rain clouds) and I had to use a flash. You would think that with being snowed in the whole week, and having a 3-day weekend, I would have gotten a lot more done. However, despite the snow, I still had to work (from home) the whole week, and the fabric didn't show up until Saturday afternoon. We also spent some time with friends, so that's not a bad thing. =)

I did make a little progress on Mystery II, as well, although it has a serious case of the frogs.

I even frogged a bit of the center (haven't restitched it yet), since I finally came to grips with the fact that I do not like the "new" Waterlilies Antique Brass and I never will! (Too orange--or "on-ange" as a friend's daughter used to say.)

The rest of the week I'm going to try and finish the top row of Random Thoughts and maybe a couple border pieces. You're supposed to wait until the end to stitch the border, but I think the withdrawing of the threads for the hemstitching will only affect the corner borders.

How's everyone else doing?

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Your pictures came out just fine! Hoping you get some sunshine soon though - those gray days can be a downer. Both WIPs look wonderful!

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