Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Goal Accomplished

I know, it's only January, but we find our happiness where we can. I'm sure that it won't be long before I fall off the goal bandwagon for this sampler, but for at least one month I did well.

My January goal for Drawn Thread's Alphabets was to complete the entire top alphabet.

I'm not sure I like the cream colored 100/3 silk that the "T" is done in. I don't think it shows up that well, but then again it's not done as crosses, but as a double 4-sided stitch. I'm going to leave it and then if I really don't like it later I'll go back and rethink the color/thread. 
One of the things I've noticed is that my fabric, and I actually purchased the called for fabric, looks completely different than the picture of the completed one on the DT website. I'm chalking it up to the photography. The picture I made above is really pretty close to how my fabric looks. 

 Next month I'll do the vine and blue alphabet on the left side below what I've completed.

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