Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Start 2 and Progress

These aren't the best pictures, because it's looked like dusk around here pretty much all day! Last weekend I made my second start, Emie Bishop's Eight-Pointed Star, from the Just Cross Stitch 1997 Ornament Issue. I kitted this eons ago; that light blue thread is a cool Vicki Clayton thread that she doesn't even make anymore. It is overdyed with a metallic fabric paint! Kind of uneven in texture ("stiff" in places) but it creates a really neat effect.
That's 1/4 of the klosters and cross stitches done! Not bad for a start.

I also managed a little over-one stitching during the daylight hours on Saturday, in the midst of taking down Christmas decorations. Here is my Squirrel Fob:

Awwwwww. He's so cute, I can't wait until he's done!

In preparation for a snow day Monday, I decided to haul out Mystery 2 (Convents Herbal Garden). However, no snow day for me yesterday, or today...even though the building is now officially closed, we're all "strongly encouraged" to work from home. =( I did put in a few stitches last night while being mesmerized by the bright yellow socks of the Ducks.
This picture is very BLUE. I "need" to finish that upper-left garden this month to stay on track, I think.

How's everyone else doing?


henri said...

Heather your projects are great!! I just wanted to tell you that I've had
'the squirrel' kitted up for a very long time and when I saw yours in this
post. . . I had to find it. It took a little while but it's found, can't wait to
start tomorrow (in the daylight)!!

Thanks for the reminder of a very cute project.

woolwoman said...

BOO NO SNOW DAY FOR YOU ! Great projects you are hauling out - can't wait to see more - that Le Chatelaine is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Have a great weekend - mel

TeresaB said...

Great starts! I think I have some of that VC metallic thread in my stash somewhere. I was going to hold off on pulling out my Mystery Garden with the peacocks but now I'm feeling inspired. Wonder if it will last until I get home? LOL!

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